Recipes and Other Nourishment for New and Expectant Parents

 by Christine Flynn

and Emma Knight

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Recipes + Essays From Behind the blackout curtain

How to Eat with One Hand was born of candid conversations between renowned chef Christine Flynn and Greenhouse beverage company co-founder Emma Knight when motherhood took them by surprise within a few months of one another.


This unique collection offers over 80 simple, delicious recipes for every stage of new parenthood. Satisfy your cravings with must-haves like A Very Good Hamburger, Spicy Noods, and Chocolate Sheet Cake with Sour Cream Frosting; give your future sleep-deprived self a gift with satisfying make-ahead meals like White Beans and Greens, Fairy Godmother Minestrone, and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread; and later, please all the palates at the table with Spanish Tortilla, Molasses Brown Bread, and Chilaquiles. In addition, a handful of simple DIYs will help you keep your kids occupied, care for yourself, save money, and reduce your household waste.

Whether you're newly pregnant and nothing could be better than the thing you want to eat right. now. Or whether you need creative ideas to feed your growing family and their growing appetites, How to Eat with One Hand has you covered. In addition to recipes, Christine and Emma offer sustenance of another sort as they recount key moments of their lives as new mothers in 20 essays that are by turns laugh-out-loud funny and so heartwarming you may find yourself asking, "Is someone chopping onions in here?" Whether they get it right or get it wrong, they always get through it--and with How to Eat with One Hand on your shelf, you will too.

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EMMA KNIGHT (left) is Co-Founder and Head of Brand at Greenhouse, an award-winning organic beverage company and co-author of The Greenhouse Cookbook (2017), a national bestseller. Emma's writing has appeared in The Globe and Mail, The International New York Times, and The Walrus, among other publications, and her work has been covered by Vogue, Wallpaper*, and more. Emma lives in Toronto with her family.

CHRISTINE FLYNN (right) is proprietor of The Good Earth Winery and a partner at The Good Earth Farm in Ontario, Canada. She is executive chef and partner at iQ Food Co., a restaurant group with multiple locations in Toronto. A celebrated writer, food stylist and photographer, Christine's work has also appeared in The New York Times, Wired and Bon Appètit, among others. She is a chef partner with Zing Pantry Shortcuts and her Buzz Hot Honey is available nationally. Christine lives in Niagara, Ontario with her family.